Submit a Claim

To submit a new claim, please email an accord loss notice to

If you would rather file a claim directly with the carrier, or follow up on an existing claim, please use the contact information below:

Company Email for New Claims Call for Existing Claims Report a Claim Online
ACE/Chubb/Westchester 800-252-4670 Click Here
American Modern 800-375-2075 Click Here
Argonaut 833-240-4128 Not Available
Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company 877-222-5522 Click Here
Atain Specialty 800-347-6658 Click Here
Capitol Specialty 800-475-4450 Not Available
Chubb European 800-561-8464 Click Here
Colony 833-240-4128 Not Available
General Star (Casualty) 203-328-5700 Not Available
General Star (Property) 203-328-5700 Not Available
Hospitality Mutual 877-366-1140 Not Available
Hudson 866-546-3981 Click Here
Lloyds (Commercial Property) 800-561-8464 Click Here
Lloyds (Homeowners) 800-561-8464 Click Here
Lloyds (Flood) 800-548-4301 Not Available
Flood Claims 800-548-4301 Not Available
Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company (MUSIC) 866-455-9969 Not Available
Nautilus 800-358-5178 Click Here
National Indemnity Company (NICO) 800-356-5750 Not Available
Northfield 800-328-5972 Click Here
Penn America 800-788-4780 Click Here
United National Insurance Company (UNIC) 800-245-1505 Click Here
USLI/Mt Vernon 888-523-5545 Click Here