Flood Insurance

According to Insurance Journal, in 2018 Insurers reported direct private flood insurance premiums written of $630 million, an increase of $217 million over 2016.

Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the U.S. and our flood program offers both protection and savings for residential and commercial property targeting all A and VE flood zones. Take advantage of NFIP cancellation code #26 and provide your insureds a competitive private flood quote while building your book of business. Cross-sell our Private Flood Program alongside your property policies and generate new clients today! 

Situations we specialize in:

  • Ability to schedule multiple buildings and properties in one policy
  • Additional Living Expense available
  • Building limits available up to $5M
  • No additional charge for increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)
  • Lender approved and compliant with Biggert-Waters Act of 2012
  • Applicable to A and V flood zones. 
  • Shorter waiting periods
    • New purchases: no waiting period
    • All other properties: 7-10 day waiting period

Common questions about Private Flood Insurance: 

When do you require an elevation certificate? 

  • Our program requires an elevation certificate for risks that are Post Firm, as indicated by NFIP Mapping of zones and when the area entered into their program.
  • Pre-FIRM is any building constructed prior to 12/31/1974 or before the effective date of an initial FIRM for a community.
  • Post-FIRM applies to new construction and those built after the effective date of the first FIRM for a community.

What additional coverages does your program offer that NFIP doesn’t have? What makes yours better?

  • Our program includes options such as:
    • Loss of use/Additional Living Expense on primary residential homes
    • Lava Flow Endorsement
    • Improvements & Betterments Endorsement
    • Our Private Flood Program does not have required annual premium increases like NFIP

Can your program list multiple buildings in one policy, or are they quoted on an individual basis?

  • Our program does allow for multiple properties to be listed on a single Master Policy providing they're owned by the same legal entity. 
  • Our Dedicated Underwriters can help you take multiple single policies and organize them together onto one policy (including those with different effective dates).

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