Data breaches have exposed more than five billion records in the last 12 months.

This number is a result of 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches. Cyber liability insurance can provide payment for expenses incurred by data breaches, identity theft, cyber terrorism and more.

Take advantage of our competitive cyber insurance rates and coverage options. 

Businesses may overlook the importance of cybersecurity protection and cyber insurance coverage. These companies are not immune to hackers and the cost of recovering from a cyber event can be staggering. We provide Cyber Liability for various size businesses and organizations. From libraries to retail shops, anyone can be affected by a breach. We are focused on three central tenants of cybersecurity: Prevention, Mitigation, and Defense. 


Our markets can provide various consulting and loss prevention services, including Risk Assessments, Incident Response Planning, Security Awareness Training, Cybersecurity Policy Development, and Identity Theft Protection. Certain carriers will also provide your insureds with access to a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) who can assist with various processes, including training, monitoring, and creating compliance resources. 


Once a cyber event has occurred, the insured will need to mitigate loss as much as possible. Services covered by our carriers include Post Breach Notification to Affected Individuals, Ransomware Recovery, Cyber Extortion, Misdirected Payment Fraud, and much more. 


The insured will likely need to begin a defense process as a result of a breach. Available defense-related coverage options include Data Compromise Liability, Network Security Liability, Electronic Media Liability, Full Media Liability for Non-electronic Media, Website Liability, Cyber Terrorism, and Privacy Incident Liability. 

Popular Classes

Retail Shops, Convenience Stores, Property Managers, Real Estate Agencies, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, Restaurants, Bars, Dentists, Doctors, Optometrists, Manufacturers, Accountants, Banks and Credit Unions, among others. 

Stay Cyber Aware! 

Help your Agency, and Insureds, protect against data breaches. Click here for helpful cyber security resources and best practices. 

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