Three Ways to Drive More Business to your Agency

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August 9, 2019 2 minute read

Christal Fleishman

Posted by Christal Fleishman

Three Ways to Drive More Business to your AgencyAt NEEE we realize that the independent insurance business is competitive. Still, standard market insurance providers have a gap in their offerings which your agency can fill. That gap is specialty insurance and risky exposures. That is where a specialty insurance broker can provide your insureds with coverage and keep your business growing. But what if you need to build your client list to capitalize on this fruitful market share? Here are three ways you can drive more business to your agency today! 

Get Social 

While it's difficult for national brands to engage with leads on social platforms, local brands have been finding it increasingly more useful to engage with current and potential customers via social media. Locality is vital and today's consumer would prefer to keep their money local. When you engage with your customers or leads on social media you're reminding them that they have insurance support in their own backyard. Real people selling real products that could benefit their business, family and financial future.

Consider starting small by posting once per week. Your posts could include information about valuable products, meaningful statistics, photos of your firm and employees doing something to engage the office or customers, and the all time greatest tool for enhancing local social media engagement — pets. 

Snail Mail

Despite the rumors, direct mail isn't dead. Meaningful, targeted, direct mail can have an impact on your business. Begin with a specific target list for one of your products. Design your ad to benefit the niche group of customers you're trying to engage. The trick; however, is to create a value-add associated with your snail mail marketing piece. Give the customer a reason to visit your staff (giveaway, party, golf outing, etc...) or use a code which can be input on your website alongside other customer information to enter to win a contest; this tactic can also help you build your contact database. Outward language regarding potential savings can also drive business but we advise that the savings printed in your ad is very transparent and valuable to the direct mail recipient. 

Give Back

People like to work with organizations that care. If you can find ways to give back to your community on a regular basis you will begin generating organic press. Don't have a lot of funds to donate? Consider doing a community cleanup with your employees. Run food, book and school supply drives. Perhaps one of your employees has a creative or useful side hustle? Your firm could use their skills to donate a photography package, piece of art, music gig or anything that provides value to a non-profit.

Once you've made the donation of time or money, be sure to share the good will on social media, via email and via a press release to your local news outlets. While it may come across as a bit prideful, the truth is that these organizations want as much press as they can find. The marketing of your agency's generosity will help the organization also gain free organic press. 

We hope you find these tips helpful for growing your customer base. If you have a question about insurance marketing, or the ideas mentioned in this post, feel free to contact our marketing team at In addition to managing our own brand, our marketing team is available to bolster your advertising efforts and loves to 'talk shop' whenever possible. 

NEEE is also here to provide you with specialty insurance coverage for hundreds of classes of business. Call 800-543-4301 to speak with a knowledgeable Underwriter today. 


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