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May 29, 2019 1 minute read

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Christal Fleishman

Posted by Christal Fleishman

Our roads and highways are filled with more than 15 million trucks. From hauling food to pouring cement, trucking is a robust industry vertical and a great target for enhancing your client list. While there have been historical concerns associated with trucking insurance, we'll dive into some unique classes your agency could be placing. 

Oil & Liquid Waste 

It's easy to assume that trucks which substances such as motor oil and liquid waste would be declined. This is a misconception and these classes can be insured. Used motor oil, contaminated gasoline or heating oil, industrial waste/grey water and sludge can be covered exposures on a commercial auto policy when the vehicle is specifically designed to transport these substances.  

Food Delivery 

Trucks that transport raw and spoilage prone food may be a great target if you're in an area with a high concentration of markets and restaurants. Target food categories could include fish and seafood, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meat and poultry. Be sure to validate that the delivery vehicle belongs to a private carrier, or entity, to increase the likelihood that the risk will be covered. 


If you're looking for a wide market to target you may want to invest in reaching businesses that use trucks for contractor purposes. Septic services, energy contractors, telecom companies, welders and general contractors are just a few of the possible target business types. Coverage can also be found for boom trucks, excavators and vehicles used to transport tools, equipment or machinery to job sites. 

Specialized Delivery 

These vehicles may be subject to time or other constraints which potentially increase risk. Specialized delivery vehicles include armored trucks, film delivery trucks, magazine or newspaper delivery vehicles, mail trucks and even pizza delivery vehicles.  

Trucking is a great vertical for generating lucrative client relationships. We hope these unique classes give you some inspiration for your next agency campaign. For additional questions about the right coverage for your transportation risks, contact us at info@neee.com or call 1-800-548-4301. 

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