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August 10, 2020 1 minute read

Christal Fleishman

Posted by Christal Fleishman

New England Excess Exchange, Ltd. (NEEE), an independent wholesale broker and MGA based in Barre, VT, is committed to corporate sustainability. We're sharing a few things we do to reduce our carbon footprint and build a cleaner Vermont for future generations. 

In mid-2014, our team moved to a new office in Barre. Before the move, our Executive Team determined the new location should be more sustainable. The team set out to build an environmentally efficient building. 

NEEE worked with Efficiency Vermont to ensure the building's heating, cooling and lighting would be functional while still reducing overall energy consumption. Through the use of Dual Enthalpy Economizers, outside air is used to cool the interior of the building when the outside temperature is colder than the interior temperature. This design is referred to as free cooling and cools without the energy required to run a compressor. Heat recovery systems, LED light bulbs, and skylights were also added to bolster building efficiency and ambiance. 

After designing a building that would provide sustainable heating and cooling features, our focus turned to power. In 2015, NEEE installed solar panels across the surface of the building. The solar array creates power that is sent to our current electricity provider. The provider then returns a credit for the energy produced. This clean, renewable, energy generates enough power to offset 95% of our electricity costs annually. 

In 2019, NEEE completed its Go Green paperless policy issuance program. We're pleased to report that we have gone 100% paperless for all business transactions. We began our paper free journey a few years ago; however, we have now completed our Go Green initiatives. We are providing necessary insurance services free of printing, postage, and shipping. 


Our office has also embraced gardening and composting, tending to a large garden which supplies various vegetables for employees to enjoy during the late summer months. 

We are pleased to share these initiatives and look forward to our continual progress in reducing our carbon footprint in Vermont. If you're interested in corporate sustainability, visit for energy-saving tips. 

About New England Excess Exchange, Ltd. 

NEEE is New England’s premier independent Wholesale Broker and Managing General Agency (MGA) serving independent insurance agents in VT, NH, Maine, NY, NJ, MA, CT, RI, MD, PA and OH. For more than 37 years we've been a committed partner dedicated to building your agency. NEEE is headquartered in Barre, VT and is devoted to insurance excellence throughout our region. For more information visit   


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